OK. My first proper post on and about my BlackBerry Torch 9810.

Ok. Let’s give WordPress on my BlackBerry Torch 9810 a try shall we. Keep in mind this post is about the phone, not the WordPress app or WordPress itself. We all now they are great. .

So, first impressions. It’s a cool phone for sure. With the BlackBerry Torch 9810 you get a nice size touch screen with great image quality that slides up to reveal an almost perfect keyboard. For someone wanting a messaging and communications tool, or someone more into social tools like Facebook and twitter, or for someone wanting a great on-screen experience with an excellent keyboard, this is definitely a great phone to have.

I say the keyboard is almost perfect for 2 reasons. First the Blackberry Bolds, there have been a few great ones and then came the new 99xx and all other keyboards felt insecure and just a bit small. Second, it’s just a tiny bit too thin for me (read the keys are not quite wide enough) but the phone’s design is the limiting factor here and all in it’s still a great keyboard. So yes, it’s a size thing. I find it just a bit small for my thumbs but its easy to get use to it and when you do it is very, very good.

I do find the multi key and volume rocker to be very thin, at first I was having issues hitting them reliably but after a couple of days of use its fine now. Still, they are small. I like the slightly bubbled keys on the bottom of the screen more so then the actual buttons used on the BlackBerry Torch 9860 but I wish the trackpad also had a light around it like some other BlackBerry models. I also like how the screen dims, then the buttons dim, then it goes to sleep mode. Very slick indeed. The lock and mute buttons on the top of the phone are also handy, more so than I thought they would be at first. All in I like the style, layout and choice of buttons provided by the BlackBerry Torch 9810.

Notifications. Man BlackBerry has iOS and Android for lunch here. I installed BuzzMe and now I have a separate LED notification color for text, a color for email, a color for BBM and so on. With distinct alerts, vibrate and all. Very cool. Now you might think “I have distinct alerts to, so what?” But it’s the LED notification alert light on a BlackBerry that makes the big difference. I know exactly what I have missed just by the color of the blinking light, from across the room even when locked. So, so cool, I love it. And if you don’t want to see the light flash, it has face down mode to turn it off. Brilliant.

Modifications. Once again BlackBerry has iOS beat. Maybe not android, especially a rooted device, but it’s still very nice and refreshing for an ex iOS user.

1) I installed xWeatherWidget. Live weather on my desktop with custom background and an icon with live updates as well. So, so cool for an iOS user to see/have.

2) Another I use is digital menu clock plus. Puts battery percentage, date and time, open app count, free memory and way more in your BB key menu. You select what information you see and where in the menu it goes, it’s oh so good.

3) Last one, Slide Lock. Gives you the iOS style slider to unlock the screen, with custom background and it can integrate with other apps to bring info to the lock screen as well.

This, along with BB OS now having a slide keyboard to lock and unlock feature built-in and you get the best of both modes of use and easy access either way. I love it. Slide on-screen to unlock and check quick info or slide up the screen and get on the keys right away. So efficient, its amazing.

Camera. It has auto focus, takes very nice pictures and good video as well. It’s no iPhone 4s but it’s still a very good mobile camera/video recorder. Built in flash is a nice touch as well.

Storage. The Torch 9810 comes with 8 gigs of built-in storage and at its price point its fine but I added a 32 gig MicroSD and its great. Nice to be able to decide and chance the storage, and battery for myself.

Settings. Wow where to start. You can control so many aspects of the phone its crazy, I love it. And its worth doing as it makes the whole BlackBerry experience more personal and enjoyable.

Call quality is great and the speaker phone is loud and clear. I found the included headphones and mic to be as good as any included ones have tried from other manufacturers including Apple, the sounds is good and the audio quality of the mic was fine, I have had no call quality complaints from anyone, yet.

Front camera, or the lack of one. For me it’s no big deal at all as I have a great camera on my home computer as well as on both my tablets and really, who wants to be seen all the time? Not me, so I say no great loss at all.

I could go on about some of the software features like Twitter and Facebook as well as some things like BlackBerry protect but as I started this as a post about the Torch 9810 and not BB OS 7 I think I’ll save it for another day.

So in conclusion, the BlackBerry Torch 9810 is a fantastic phone. It has the call quality you want and the full communications suite you need. Its well made and feels nice in the hand to use. Its camera is great and as an on the go video camera it’s very good as well.   With expandable storage you can have the  full multimedia experience way cheaper than most competitors sell their higher capacity phones for. Its expandable with a removable battery as well.

If your reading this and find yourself thinking it might be time for a new phone. Check out a Torch 9810 before you decide. It might just make you think twice, and you should.

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  1. Glad to hear I’m not the only person really enjoying the 9810 in combination with the Blackberry playbook. I’m still stuck on OS 7.0 but when the official carrier-authorized 7.1 comes out I look forward to it. 🙂

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