A Blog about my switch from iOS to BlackBerry

This blog is dedicated to my switch from using iOS devices to BlackBerry devices. I’m putting the iPhone and iPad aside for a BlackBerry PlayBook and a BlackBerry Phone (currently using the Torch 9810 but I might move to the Bold 9900).

It all started when I bought the PlayBook on sale for $199.99 as a second tablet as my son usually has the iPad but it quickly became my device of choice between the two and then it hit me, I should get a BlackBerry phone as well, make it a set. Best tech decision I ever made and over the next few months I’ll be keeping a log here about the switch and the changes that come with it.

For now I’ll say this. Having Bridge between my tablet and phone already makes this better than the set up I had before. Sync and cloud sync are cool and all but when the info/data is in one place accessed by both devices, its amazing. But I’ll expand on this and more in later posts. For now, I’m off to explore the BlackBerry world of connectivity.

Chat soon.

6 thoughts on “A Blog about my switch from iOS to BlackBerry

  1. Well, I can see how someone might be disappointed with the PlayBook but I found/find bridge to be great. I don’t really play any games on my devices, they are communications tools and in the PlayBooks case also good for reference, news and so on. I’m tech support for a living so I do tend to look at these things as tools and on that front I find the BB platform to be great. I love how they handle messaging, how they are designed for one handed use and in general I find it does the things I do more efficiently than iOS did for me. iOS is great for games and other touch screen tasks but I would rather do them on my PlayBook than any little phone screen.

    As to the PlayBook itself, I like it’s size and portability way more than my iPad and I am very excited to have OS2 in February. Bridge remote looks great, I use SMS bridge on my phone now to get SMS from the phone to the PlayBook but having full remote, keyboard and all will be amazing. Not having to switch devices to keep my communications going is great and one of the selling points for me.

    As this blog goes on there will be more and more reasons. Stay tuned.

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